Bhupen Kumar Borah

Bhupen Kumar Borah

President, APCC

India is today at a crossroads where its social, secular and democratic fabric is threatened. It is now the duty of every Congress worker and every Indian to once again come together to rescue the nation.

A galaxy of Congress leaders have played a major role in giving the nation a path of socialism, secularism and democracy.

The situation today is very grave. The BJP led governments at the Centre as well as in Assam have failed to control prices, create jobs or take care of the poor. Though international oil prices have fallen by over 50 per cent since the present government came to power, the prices of essential commodities have been going up, which shows that the Governments are not in a position to manage the affairs of the nation as well as the state.

It is now time for all of us in the Congress party to continue our work for the betterment of the people, the state and the country.

I appeal to all Congress workers, to once again reach out to the people and take up their issues. We cannot forget that Congress has over a hundred years of history of working for the progress of the nation and for the betterment of all sections of society.

We need to take up people’s issues and fight for their rights and against their exploitation.

I am confident that with the efforts of all Congress workers we will be able to bring back our country, it’s real and natural cultural grace with inclusive growth.